Watch 90-Year-Old William Shatner Go Into Space Aboard Blue Origin [Live Feed]

Here is the live feed (below) showing New Shepard’s 18th mission, NS-18, as it goes into space, carrying 90-Year-Old William Shatner along with its three other passengers, Dr. Chris Boshuizen, Glen de Vries, and Audrey Powers.

Will be updating the post live as New Shepard gets launched! Stay tuned!

10:57 AM EST: New Shepard booster touchdown.

11:00 AM EST: New Shepard capsule touchdown.

William Shatner getting out of the capsule:

William Shatner talking to Jeff Bezos about the majesty of space travel and how EVERYONE should be able to do this one day.

Jeff Bezos pinning a winged astronaut pin on William Shatner: