Cyriak Animator Pro [Video]

What happens when the software Cyriak Harris uses to animate his disturbing ideas decides to crash? Well, he’s not going to let that stop him! In this video, Cyriak uses meatspace tools to construct his own animation machine, complete with his signature style of movement and general weirdness.

Introducing Cyriak Animator Pro, the new professional video making software I built myself out of lego and cardboard.

*All your favourite video effects, as long as they are dancing, walking, eating and sleeping.
*Carbon neutral power source (Cyriak not included).
*Guaranteed to never ever crash, ever. Not even in this video, you didn’t see that bit.

Cyriak Animator Pro also gives you the tools to make your own video soundtrack, with patented rubber band technology and some other crap I found in my kitchen. Download it now from nowhere because it isn’t real (or is it?) no it isn’t (ok).

This video was made with Cyriak Animator Pro, the animation software that animates without any animating, which is more of a pain in the arse than I thought it would be.