My Precious! Talented Woodworker Creates Lamp “To Rule Them All”

Watch as French woodworker Olivier Gomis creates a lamp inpired by the One Ring from J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings. The artist used maple and curly maple veneer to create it and spent approximately 53 hours working on the one-of-a-kind lamp. Gorgeous, isn’t it?

I especially liked the comment he left under his video: “I was originally going to put it for sale, but after all, why should I part ways with it? It’s mine, my own, my precious…”

I originally wanted to make the outside curved, like a true ring, but I couldn’t make the veneer compliant enough. That’s why in a few shots, you can see the exterior is curved. I’m also not super happy about my staining job. It was my first time using one. Maybe one day I will make version two, with a more uniform grain and if possible no visible glue seems.

[Olivier Gomis]

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