Rations for Dungeons and Dragon Role-Playing Game Races [Gallery]

Check out this series of delicious looking trail ration that imgur user wats6831 put together to illustrate what various races from the Dungeons and Dragons universe eat while on the road!

“Welcome all Forgotten Realms, food, D&D and RPG fans! Ever get tired of seeing “iron rations” or “trail rations” on your character sheet? Ever get tired of your DM just mumbling “mark another days rations off your sheet….”

Well GET READY to see trail rations like you’ve never seen them before! My trail ration creations breath NEW LIFE into your game, enhance your role play, expand your culinary horizons (character and personal) and take on you on a culinary adventure…all within your ALREADY EXISTING GAME!

Is travel in you gaming group a boring prospect? Are the “little things” a glossed over hand waving affair?

Well then my creations will SPICE UP YOUR GAME! Pun intended.”


Waterdhavian oat loaf (handmade irish soda bread, fresh smoked ham shank, “dessert” pear, Corm Orp “mountain” bleu cheese served on butternut squash, imported Saerloon broccoflower (Romanesco), mixed garden vegetables (carrots and radishes), Misty Forest chestnuts.


The Duergar (gray dwarves) are the hated subterranean cousins of the surface dwelling shield dwarves. Vast Duergar kingdoms exist beneath the Surface in the Underdark. Duergar are known for their foul tempers, penchant for cruelty, grim and bitter dispositions. Their food is as coarse and uncouth as they are. Clockwise from top left: Sour Deep rothé pepper cheese (Limburger), boiled Deep rothé kidney (whole beef kidney), foraged roots and tubers; skirret and Fellroot (ginger and turmeric roots), contorted strangler fungus (Enoki mushrooms), onion & mushroom gravy hand pies.

Bonus: A Mind Flayer Thanksgiving

A Mind Flayer dwelling in the Underdark of the Forgotten Realms might celebrate a special event with a smorgasbord of illithid delicacies. Center: An extra large brain (former minotaur servant who did not go quietly) plated on tinged cerebrospinal fluid. Right: peeled kuo-toa eyeballs in serous fluid (with mithral eating pick) TOP RIGHT: green mushroom wine TOP: drow slave heart (tastes better than human) with savory sanguine sauce. All served amongst various potion bottles, scroll and alchemical vessel.

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