Amazing 3D Printed Animatronic Wolf Mask [Video]

Animatronic Wolf Mask

Artist and cosplayer Willow Creative built this really cool animatronic wolf mask using a 3D printer, and I have to say, this thing looks amazing! Not only are the mouth and ears animated, the eyes can also blink and light up! Check out the two videos below, one which just shows the mask in action, and the other one where the creator talks about how she made the mask and demonstrate how the eyes can light up.

Progress of my 3d printed animatronic+mechanic wolf mask. Design made by me, not available for download! The jaw is moved with my own chin and is mechanically linked to the upper lip and nose with an extra pivot. The eyes are animatronic controlled by two mini servos and an arduino nano. The blink is on a random time interval. The leds in the eyes are individually linked to the same battery and can be turned on and off separately from the blink circuit.

Looks amazing, doesn’t it?

[Via BIS]