Sexy Beerbarian Color-Changing Magic Glass

Since summer is almost upon us, the time has come to shed a few layers of clothing, just like this sexy Beerbarian magic glass does when filled with a hot or cold liquid!

The illusion-wizards at the Storm Crow have been busy making some new magic items for the first real summer of the Roaring Twenties! Our Beerbarian Color-Changing Magic Glass will be the perfect complement to your adventures, tabletop or otherwise.

Inspired equally by classic fantasy art and – we’ll be honest – the designer’s own D&D character that she’s been playing for years, the Magic Glass is a postmodern pastiche of retro-pulp sexiness for bros, babes, and/or nonbinary beerbarians of all kinds!

The Magic Glass holds a pint of whatever beverage you prefer, hot or cold. And, indeed, temperature changes are how the magic happens.

Pour an icy-cold drink, and our lovely Beerbarian is wrapped in a cozy fur on a winter’s night; pour a warm one, and suddenly it’s bikini season on a beach.

[Beerbarian Color-Changing Magic Glass]

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