Hong Kong BLOCKS: Drone Footage of The City’s Horribly Packed Residential Towers

From Dāvis Dreiska:

The population of Hong Kong is estimated at 7.50 million in 2020 It is one of the most densely populated countries in the world, and has a population density of 6790.74 people per square kilometer.

Why “Blocks”?

Concrete jungle – a city or urban area which has a high density of large, unattractive, modern buildings and is perceived as an unpleasant living environment. But that doesn’t apply to everyone. I moved to Hong Kong few years ago and since day one I got obsessed by these giant public housing/apartment block building structures, their patterns, colours, shapes, architecture, how massively yet easy they blend in and coexist with each other in this city. Back in Riga, Latvia (that’s where I’m from) old and grey post soviet block buildings represent big part of my identity as well, I guess that might have given me extra interest in this particular topic.

My attempt to capture the city feel, often very dystopian, moody and futuristic, at least that is how I felt.

[Dāvis Dreiska]

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