miTail: An Advanced Bluetooth Animatronic Animal Tail for Humans

miTail is an advanced and very lifelike animatronic animal tail that human can wear! The Tail Company has released a few other versions of the product in the past, but this one is their most advanced tail yet! Watch the demo below:

What can miTail do?

miTail is our new tail system. Its been designed to be able to do lots of things that no other tail can do, building on our experience with our DIGITAiL and CLASSIC tails.

This is why we think its amazing:

App controlled, with loads of moves and features
No-phone mode too, switch on and go
Removable covers, custom made for you, always included
Next generation super-fast USB-C charging
Support for additional powerbanks, for 10 hours of use
20 percent lighter than a DIGITAiL, for all day wear.
New D-Clip for a more elegant, natural look
Speedy one-handed attachment and removal
OTA updates, beamed right to your tail
By far the most versatile tail you can get anywhere

For those interested, you can support the miTail Kickstarter right here!