Star Wars: Bucketheads – S1E1 Ground Zero – PROLOGUE

It’s finally here! Here is the first episode of the first season of Bucketheads! I’ve been waiting for this one for a long, long time!

From Transmute Pictures:

An increasingly disillusioned soldier trying to avenge his past tracks down a traitor that could swing the tide of war, but when a revenant re-enters his life he must desert every ally he thought he had to save his humanity.

Bucketheads – Season 1 is a #StarWars fan project that has been in the making for a long time and we’re proud to present the Prologue of Episode 1! This wouldn’t have been possible without the support from our Patrons and to keep this series going we will need your continuous support. Don’t forget to subscribe and hit the bell to be among the first to see the next chapter!

[Transmute Pictures]

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