Geeks in Love: The Music Video [Video]

Geeks in love is a love letter to all things geek by artist Peter Chiykowski from Rock Paper Cynic. It’s also a song about those of us who were lucky enough to find a geeky soul mate to share our life with.

It’s a long story, but way back in 2016 I went to Toronto Comic Con with my buddy Justin to shoot some footage for a music video.

“Geeks in Love” was one of the singles off my geek music record “Borken Telephone” and I was lucky enough to get Laser Malena-Webber and Aubrey Turner (aka The Doubleclicks!) to join me for the track! I wanted to do this song justice!

The footage was great, but life got busy. We shot 3 other music videos in a single day the same week, but I just couldn’t find the time or energy to figure out how to edit my very silly and spur-of-the-moment video ideas into a proper video.

So I moved the footage onto a hard drive, and after 4 international moves in 5 years, I lost track of it entirely.

Until last week.

[Rock, Paper, Cynic]