Muse’s Hysteria – A Stylophone Cover

From Maromaro 1337:

As some of you suggested “Muse – Hysteria” is a perfect song for BASS MONTH. I remember times when this song was really popular and there was a whole cult around this bass line. Some people were like “You are a good bass player only if you can play this bass line!”. Funny thing is, that when I started playing it on the Stylophone, it took me 20 minutes to learn and master. So maybe for those people I’m really something, lol.

Oh, the guitar solo part has a cool effect on it. As I far as I can tell Matt used a stereo digital delay with a Digitech Whammy (Octave up) on top of it. That’s why the solo sounds like there are 5 guitars playing at the same time. Cool trick! I did it the same way.