Manage Your Windows Memory Usage with MemInfo

Looking for a simple, effective, and free way to manage and view your Windows memory usage and processes? MemInfo is a small task manager that lets you view how much RAM your systems consumes right from your task bar! No need to open the traditional task manager anymore!

If you click on it, you’ll get some extra info such as how much memory is used vs. how much you have remaining in percentage and in numbers, the processes that are currently running (and all the infos associated with them), and more! It also offers you the possibility of launching or scheduling a memory defragmentation, free up some memory consumed by a process, or simply kill it.

Meminfo is available in standard or portable mode (so you can run it on a USB key) and is super lightweight, meaning it consumes almost no RAM. It might not be the most complete solution out there, but it’s so simple that no system should run without it!

Never heard about Meminfo? This application from Carthago Software is over 15 years old and can run on most Windows operating systems, from Windows NT to the current version of Windows 10. And yes, for those who are worried, it’s still being updated, with the latest version dating back to January 2020.

Download the latest version of Meminfo right here

[Via Korben]