These INSANELY Creepy Baby Dolls Are Also Musical Instruments!


Not only are these really strange baby dolls creepy as hell, one also acts as a light theramin, and the other one, as an analog synthesizer! Each can be yours for just… $300! A bargain! Check them out in action below!

BabyBot – Light Theremin

Thank you for adopting the boutique ‘Baby Bot – Light Theremin, Powland Edition’ by Moon Armada. This synth is set up to be wild and experimental, so the best way to play it is to just start turning knobs until you find combinations you like. The LED in the Bot’s hand can be used to shine light into or cover up the light sensor.

Babybot – II

And here’s another one that’s unfortunately not available anymore, the Baby Bot 247 Analog Rhythmic Effects Synthesizer!

Come on, you know you want one. Get yours HERE.