Artist Creates Tribute to Studio Ghibli’s Totoro With Gorgeous Pepper Grinder

A wonderful Totoro themed pepper grinder by master woodcarver Arcangelo Ambrosi.

From Arcangelo Ambrosi:

This is a pepper/salt/spice grinder, you can just rotate his head to grind :)

I’ve always wanted to make some tribute crafts to Studio Ghibli characters and so I designed and created this. I like pepper grinders and I hope to make some creative design in the future. This one is made of ash, the dark part is ebonized (I used vinegar in wich I dipped a piece of steel wool for some days) and the reaction on wood is magic! I didn’t know it could work on ash. The nose is a very small piece of bog oak, and the eyes are white acrylic with ebony dots.

Unfortunately, this one is not for sale, but the artist has a few rather expensive, and absolutely exquisite, tobacco pipes for sale on his site.

[Arcangelo Ambrosi on Deviantart]