This Weighted Blanket is Shaped Like a Pan Pizza From Pizza Hut

Since Winter is coming, Pizza hut, in partnership with Gravity Blankets, has just unveiled their latest creation: A round weighted blanket that looks like one of their original pan pizzas. The 15-pound blanket is round, covered in microfleece, and features a pizza print that looks almost real enough to eat!

Simulating the feeling of eating a legendary thick Original Pan® pizza from Pizza Hut, the Original Pan Weighted Blanket by Pizza Hut x Gravity Blanket will bring comfort to your entire body. Combining the power of the revolutionary, science-backed “deep touch pressure stimulation” with the delectable design of the Original Pan Pizza, you’ll achieve deeper sleep and may even have some pizza cravings.

Unfortunately, the blanket is already sold out, but if you really want a pizza blanket, you could always get one over at Amazon.

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