The Greatest Final Fantasy Chocobo Cosplay in History [Gallery]

Not many people have attempted to create a realistic Final Fantasy Chocobo costume, but among those I’ve seen, French cosplayer “Mathoz costumes” has hands down crafted the best one I’ve ever seen. Behold:

The exquisitely detailed costume is based on the chocobos seen in Final Fantasy XIV and comes complete with a light armor, a saddle, a leather bridle, and more! Mathoz told me that he spent over 1000 hours working on the cosplay, and spent between $600 and $1200 in material. But even though the costume looks absolutely incredible, the real magic happens when it moves.

Incredible, isn’t it? Even the eyelids and the mouth are motorized, giving the impression that the creature is truly alive!

For those interested, Mathoz will be competing in the upcoming GlitchCon cosplay contest on Nov. 14 at around 1:20 EST, where he as already been voted as one of the finalists.

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