The Mandalorian Black Series Helmet Replica is Now Available!

Interested in getting your very own Mandalorian armor, or at least, part of it? Since today is Mando Monday, Disney has released the full-scale Black Series electronic prop helmet replica based on Dyn Jarren’s helmet, and I really want one! I already have some Anovos Stormtrooper helmets at home, but their version of Mando’s helmet is $700, and there’s no way I can afford that. The black series helmets are much, much more affordable, and they still look great at a fraction of the cost.

Mandalorian Black Series Helmet

Mandalorian Black Series Helmet Replica

With just a little homemade weathering, I’m fairly sure Hasbro’s new Mandalorian Black Series helmet could look just as good as Anovos’ version.

[Mandalorian Black Series Helmet Replica]

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