Geek Builds MIND-BLOWING Star Trek Man Cave Theater [Pics + Video]

Star Trek Man Cave

Star Trek geek Phil Stiller wanted a man cave, but just not any man cave: A Star Trek themed one. So he decided to build one, complete with a small bar, 3 X LCD screen windows showing Earth as it’s rotating and travelling through space, and a super large projection screen. To get in, he installed a fully pneumatic sci-fi door with a safety / manual override. There’s also some comfy home theater recliners as well as shelves to show his awesome space memorabilia collection. Check out the video below as well as a few pictures of the construction process:

Impressive, isn’t it?

I’d want to live there full time! Not sure the girlfriend would agree, though, she’d want a Star Wars themed one instead, but I’d be totally ok with that as well.

The man also installed an Alexa enabled Doctor Who TARDIS front door on his house! How amazing is that?

[Via BIS]