Dear Geeks are Sexy Readers: A Personal Call for Help

Geeks are Sexy

I’ve been running this site for 15 years this month (2005-2020,) as old as my eldest son. For me, it’s been a life changing project; I started this place as a small tech blog as I entered into fatherhood for the first time, and then, thanks to the amazing support I received from you guys, it quickly turned into something else: a love letter to all things geek. Fast forward to 2011, I got my third kid and dumped my “real” job as a sysadmin to work on Geeks are Sexy full-time. This site has always been a one-geek business. Things were good, until they were not.

As many of you know, I’ve had a big operation for a very rare and painful disease I suffer from a few months ago, and due to the pandemic situation and new European and Californian laws, revenue are down massively.

I need help. My server renewal is coming in December, and I’m freaking out.

Do you enjoy Geeks are Sexy? Please consider donating a small or large amount to help me keep on going, but only if you can. Here are two options:

Contribute monthly to our Patreon
Make a donation via Paypal (Via a Paypal account or a credit card)

For those who don’t know, Geeks are Sexy is not just about the site. It also has a kick-ass Facebook group composed of nearly 20,000 contributing members, a Facebook page, a cosplay Instagram account, and a lot more!

Whatever you do, thank you for being there. I regularly get emails from people who really like the site, and I am eternally grateful to you guys for the support you’ve been giving me for the past 15 years. Thank you.