Razer’s Respawn: A Gum and Drink Designed to Improve Gamers’ Focus

Last year, Razer released its Respawn drink, a beverage designed to help gamers improve their focus, and now, in partnership with Wrigley, the company has just unveiled the Respawn By 5 gaming gum, because why not? The new gum is infused with B vitamins and green tea extract, which are both supposed to help improve your focus and reaction time according to Razer. Three flavors are currently available: cool mint, pomegranate watermelon, and tropical punch.

Elevate your play with a gum to maintain mental focus and reaction time. This unique gum combines green tea extract and B vitamins with the invigorating and long-lasting flavors of 5 Gum to keep you razor-sharp while gaming. Experience the same long-lasting taste of 5 Gum with 3 refreshing flavors when you game. Game on with 5 calories or less per piece.

I’d be very curious to try both, but unfortunately, they only seem to be available in the US right now and I’m located in Canada.


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