When Stranger Things Comics and Dungeons & Dragons Collide

Stranger Things and Dungeons & Dragons

It looks like next November will continue to bring us a few delights even if 2020 seems to be nothing but crisis after crisis.  As an industry, comic books have been trying to stay the course this year and remain adamant in making sure that our reading habits stay intact. We shall not be denied a great adventure even if a trip to the Upside Down is inevitable.

Now, if you want to be captivated with everything going through Hell’s gate, IDW Publishing partnered up with Dark Horse Comics  to bring us a Stranger Things And Dungeons & Dragons comic book 4-part story and trust us, you will not be disappointed.

This is not the only time we have had such a “power crossover”, the Rick & Morty & Dungeons & Dragons comic from IDW and Oni Press was an instant success story. Once again, Stranger Things takes part in a big time comic book crossover – though you can, of course, buy the Stranger Things Dungeons & Dragons RPG board game that recently came out in 2019, keep in mind that the comic book should be its own separate adventure.

The team behind the story will be Stranger Things’ Jody Houser and Dungeons and Dragons’ Jim Zub. The comic will be drawn by celebrated artist  Diego Galindo, colored by Msassyk with letters from Nate Piekos and the standard covers will be painted by the talented hands of E.M. Gist.

Stranger Things graphic novels, first published as a four-part miniseries by Dark Horse Comics in 2018, followed Will Byers after he is taken to the Upside Down by the Demogorgon. The second miniseries followed the events of Six during her time at the Hawkins National Laboratory.

We all know it’s pointless to debate how popular the show is and we have all felt the resurgence of D&D lovers all over the globe ever since the first episode of Stranger Thing aired July 15 2016. Having read all of the previous Stranger Things graphic novels, I rest assured that this crossover will not let fans down.

You can preorder from Preview as of now, the first issue being released in shops November 4.

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By Benoit-Vincent Roch aka TreeWalker
Contributing Writer, Geeks are Sexy

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