HOW TO: Make the Meat Tornado from Parks & Rec in Real Life

Meat Tornado

Remember the Meat Tornado from Parks and Recreation? In this episode of Binging with Babish, host Andrew Rea recreates the infamous burrito using three different kinds of meat, some cheese, some refried beans, and a little of The Last Dab hot sauce from Hot Ones. The result? One of the most delicious things he has ever eaten… until the hot sauce started kicking in. Watch below!

Looks delicious, right? I especially want to try his Carnitas recipe, even though it looks really unhealthy! Frying pork shoulder in two whole pound of lard feels somewhat irresponsible, but this is the Meat Tornado we’re talking about, so who cares, right? Eating this could literally kill you after all! You’ve been warned!

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