I HAVE THE POWER! He-Man and The Masters of the Universe Gets the RPG Treatment

Here is the latest game I will not be allowed to play…

He-Man: Masters of The Universe is getting an RPG treatment and I just can’t even! I HAVE THE POWER! MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE! And now my boyfriend doesn’t want me to play because he thinks I will be screaming like He-Man through the whole thing. I might, but who cares! (Editor’s note: She’s not being fair to me. Fact is, she would spend the first 30 minutes screaming “I HAVE THE POWER,” but she would still play anyways, and I would laugh my head off the whole time.) It’s Legends Of Grayskull! Is there any other way, aside from owning a tiger or wearing an animal printed loincloth? Yeah, I’m the girl that had the She-Ra lunchbox!

Seriously, this looks like an amazing game and I can’t wait to try it with my buddies! Mattel teamed up with Fandom Tabletop to create this amazing game where you can become a character from Eternia, customizing your stats to overcome many challenges. Using a simple tabletop role playing system, with dices and attributes and a digital companion toolset, you too can embark in a wonderful adventure in Legends of Grayskull. Fandom Tabletop being already in the TTRPG loop thanks to D&D Beyond, Mattel teamed up with the best to offer a great quality of play to all.

[Legends of Grayskull]

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