Funko Pop Finally Accepted the Challenge: How I Met Your Mother

Suit Up fellow geeks! How I Met Your Mother finally gets Funko Poped six years after its series finale. Both the Ted Mosby holding the now famous blue French horn, and the classic Barney Stinson model are available for pre-order via our friends at Entertainment Earth.

Even though Barney is famous for his suits, a Laser Tag version of him would have been quite amusing. No news as of today on if/when the rest of the cast will be available. And with all the different directions the show took during its’ nine season stint, we could be seeing quite an array of Funko Pops, from the Naughty Pumpkin to the Captain, with maybe a chance of a Robin Sparkles/Simon Tremblay couples edition for Valentines. One can only hope…

[How I Met Your Mother Funko POP! Figures]

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