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Hey geeks, I’m back!

On Tuesday, I got an big operation that changed my life. Few people knew that I was living with a rare disease called Esophageal Achalasia. The disease not only prevented me to eat properly, with food staying stuck in my oesophagus, but I regularly waked up at night with the feeling of drowning due to “bodily fluids” accumulating, preventing me from breathing properly. The disease was stable for many years, but in 2018-2019, due to a few highly traumatic situations in both my personal and professional life, including having to fire all my writers, it got worse, making life a living nightmare on many days. I know many of you find the ads a problem on the site, and there’s nothing I would like more than removing part of them, but as a single parent with 3 kids, I just can’t, and this is part of the problem. This site is a huge part of my life. I’ve been doing this for 15 years, including 9 full time, so its successes and failures affect me directly. But enough said about that.

The operation was fairly simple: They poked a hole inside my oesophagus (by going down my throat,) made a tunnel between the oesophagus and the muscle layer that surrouds it, and cut some of the muscle fibers that control the upper sphincter of my stomach, allowing it to relax and letting food go through. The operation lasted around 3 hours, and yesterday, after being as high as a kite for about 24 hours, I woke up, had a meal, and felt the food going down my stomach for the first time in many years. Before the operation, I had to swallow air to push the food down, forcing the stomach’s sphincter to open. Not only was it gross, it was also painful.

So yeah, I’m back now. Geeks are Sexy is my life project and it’s a one-man thing. My full-time teacher girlfriend volunteers and writes in exchange of a nice romantic dinner and a bottle of wine once in a while, but it’s me 99 percent of the time. Having you guys around means the world to me, so thank you.

If you want to support what I do, and it’s entirely up to you guys, you can help by donating one or a few dollars per month to my Patreon or buy one of my awesome face masks. It might not be much, but if enough do it, I might eventually be able to hire more people to help with the site. I need a break badly! :)

5 Responses to Geeks are Sexy – Back from Achalasia Surgery

  1. glad to have you back, I hope things get better! this site has been a huge part of my life, so thank you for everything you do

  2. Hey good deal on getting the surgery. My mother has that same disease. She had the surgery done years ago. Brought her back to her old self. Keep at it! you got this!

  3. I’m very sorry to hear about your unfortunate condition and all the pain and trouble it has no doubt caused you over the years but I’m very pleased to hear that it seems like things are on the up for you., gotta keep moving forwards right ?

    As a long time casual visitor to the site I have to say thank you as it often gives me some interesting reads to delve into and helps it break me away from the day to day things of my own life though that may be temporary its important to have these door ways open.

    Also it must be tough doing this pretty much on your own but I respect and admire that you do it as its not easy to turn a love and passion into a career, so I tip my hat to you sir and wish you all the best moving forward !

    Keep up the good work, keep the dream alive.

    Kind regards


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