Where to Get the NEW Baby Yoda Cereal

On Star Wars Day (May 4th, 2020,) General Mills, in partnership with Disney/Star Wars, announced they would soon release a cereal based on The Child from the Disney+ series, The Mandalorian. The company has now revealed that the Baby Yoda cereal will be available this month in a 2-pack version at Sam’s Club for $5.98. The single pack version will then soon follow in mid-August at Walmart stores.

For those who are curious about the cereal, no, they will not taste like frog, they will be made from sweetened corn puffs and will have some marshmallows shaped like Baby Yoda thrown in. Doesn’t sound very delicious to me, but these are targetted to kids, so it stands to reason that they will sugary.

[Via CB]

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