So Many Snacks, So Little Time: A GLORIOUS Gingerbread VENOM Sculpture [Gallery]

‘Eyes. Lungs. Pancreas. So many snacks, so little time.’ – Venom

We’ve featured Caroline Eriksson‘s amazing gingerbread creations a few times on Geeks are Sexy in the past, but this stunningly detailed gingerbread bust of Venom is her absolute best creation so far! To create the delicious abomination, the artist used a gingerbread clay recipe, which allowed her to sculpt the bust in a traditional way instead of stacking and gluing regular gingerbread cookies like she did with her previous sculptures.

The whole thing is edible, except for the base. She made the drool from isomalt and piping gel, and the symbiote is lightly airbrushed with edible colors. Here is a video and a few extra pics:

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[Source: Caroline Eriksson]