Shut up and take my money: The Couchmaster Couch Gaming Desk

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The couchmaster is a gaming desk… for your couch. What a brilliant idea! This thing will make PC gaming from your couch on your home theater system much more comfortable!

The Couchmaster is the perfect platform for long gaming sessions or ergonomic working on your living room TV/projector.

The integrated USB 3.0 hub provides fastest connections for up to four input devices (such as mouse, keyboard, headset, etc.). What is more, the latest chip technology makes it possible to run the whole system without a separate power supply to save mobility and keep your living room free of unnecessary cables. The supplied 16 ft. active USB 3.0 extension cable connects the Couchmaster lag-free directly to your PC for the fastest connection and can be extended up to 32 ft. for maximum mobility.

[Couchmaster CYCON Gaming Desk]

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