Recommendation: Wear Anime Shirts to Socially Distance Others Away From You

Anime Maru is a satirical site a bit like The Onion, but for Anime Fans. Here is their advice about what to do to enforce social distancing during this pandemic:

The CDC stated that in several initial trials, wearing an anime shirt in public was shown to cause significantly reduced public interaction. Those who wore a shirt with an anime character printed on it claimed they noticed far fewer people approaching them than usual. Shirts with large graphics of underage characters in suggestive poses or attire were found to be the most effective. Shirts which featured only logos or less pronounced imagery had limited effect on distancing the wearer and were only recommended if nothing else was available.

“The idea is to create a feeling of immense awkwardness around the wearer,” stated CDC Director Robert Redfield. “To be effective, the shirt should cause others to worry about accidentally being associated with you should they stand too close for any period of time.”

Don’t have an anime t-shirt at home? Try carrying an anime hug pillow (a dakimakura) with you everywhere you go, that should do the trick!

[Anime Maru | Via Neatorama]