Mandalorian Scout Trooper and Speeder Figure With Baby Yoda in a Bag

One of the most memorable scenes from The Mandalorian is when a pair of Scout Troopers go after Baby Yoda and scoop him up from the ground beside Kuiil’s dead body. Now, one of these Scout Troopers is a Hot Toy figure, complete with speeder bike and Baby Yoda in his bag.

The highly-accurate collectible figure is skillfully crafted based on the appearance of the Imperial Scout Trooper in The Mandalorian. Featuring greatly detailed helmet and armor with astonishing weathering effects, fabric bodysuit, a blaster rifle, and a desert-themed figure stand!

The sixth scale Speeder Bike is created with precision and meticulous craftsmanship. The sleek design of the speeder and its mechanical details throughout the body are beautifully recreated! Measuring at approximately 52.5cm in length, it features realistic weathering effects, articulated grip, foot pedals, steering vane, engine flaps and cannon, and a desert-themed figure stand.

Moreover, this collectible set will specially include a sixth scale figure of the widely popular little alien the Child with newly sculpted expression and a shoulder bag for the Speeder Bike pilot to carry any special asset!

[Scout Trooper and Speeder Bike]