Beautiful Musical Machines Perform Otherworldly Tunes [Videos]

Valencia, Spain-based artist Bichopalo makes gorgeous retro-futuristic musical machines that that play music that can only be described as “otherworldly.” I especially like his use of little parots in his videos; it makes them even more entertaining!

Still in progress, I can’t really tell how many hours, days and months I’ve spent working on this. The entire structure is a combination of different instruments but the main one is a sort of sequencer with 8 notes limit that can be combinated on different patterns. An electric impulse actives a motor with an arm connected that hits a sensor running a pre-recorded note. There’s a lot to speak about this but on this particular post the real rockstars are my little partners: Pico and Verdi. This two little fellas have been with me from a while, making me laught and giving me incredible presents every single day.

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