Flying Spaghetti Monster Plush Toy with Flexible Appendages

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Oh almighty Flying Spaghetti Monster plush, you are amazing, especially with some grated Parmesan!

PARMESAN BE UPON HIM – Finally there’s a chance for pirates and Pastafaris alike to build their very own shrine with this holy Flying Spaghetti Monster Plush!

CARBOHYDRATE-BASED CUDDLINESS – In contrast to other non-provable divinities, the FSM isn’t that fussy. To be honest, he just likes to be the center of attention, especially in this cuddly way.

NOODLY APPENDAGES – Every piece of spaghetti can be moved and bend thanks to the wires inside them. In addition, the FSM sees everything because he can look in every direction! The plush measures 14.6 x 12.2 x 2.8 inch.

[Flying Spaghetti Monster Plush Toy]

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