The Probability of You Getting a Unique “Real-Life” Superpower Mutation [Video]

From Reigarw Comparisons:

From being immune to pain and electricity, to being a prodigy in music, art or even a human calculator, we shall compare the rarest superpower humanity ever known. What is the probability of being ambidextrous, having unbreakable bones or even super endurance? How many people have the Myostatin related muscle hypertrophy? How many are born with superior IQ above 178? Odds of being born with 5+ octave range or tetracrhomacy color vision? Watch this video to find out.

Disclaimer: Video is for entertainment purpose only. It is not scientifically proven, nor academically verified and should be used with extreme caution. Scientific conditions listed, especially those marked with a “?”, may not correspond to the genetic mutations individuals in the description possess, especially due to lack of data.

Methodology: Frequency & Occurrence rate from Genetic Home Reference, US National Library of Medicine or the National Center for Biotech Information. Conditions with unknown prevalence are calculated based on number of online incidences over the total human population of 7 billion, and are susceptible to underestimation.

[Reigarw Comparisons]

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