This Geralt of Rivia “The Witcher” in a Bathtub Statuette is Glorious!

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A statuette of Geralt of Rivia, also known as The Butcher of Blaviken, The White Wolf, Gwynbleidd, and many other names, posing in a bathtub for you for all eternity? You want one, don’t you? I also really like the added touch of the rubber ducky!

Inspired by one of the game’s most memorable moments and then recreated in the Netflix series!

Originally an in-game scene, turned internet meme, turned CD project red April Fools joke, the demand that This be brought to life From Witcher fans became too Great to bear. Dark horse is proud to bring you this marvelously detailed, hand-painted Polynesian statuette featuring Geralt of Rivia relaxing and healing from his perilous journeys, in a candlelit bath, complete with his rubber ducky!

[Dark Horse Deluxe The Witcher III: The Wild Hunt: Geralt in Bath Polyresin Statuette]

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