A Necklace Against the Nothing from The Neverending Story

This gorgeous Auryn necklace replica from The Neverending Story is just the perfect thing to protect your loved ones against The Nothing!

If you’re often thrown into dumpsters by bullies, often enjoy hunting Purple Buffalo, fond of skipping school to hide out in attics and increase your literacy, prone to shouting “Moon child!” into storms, or just a fan of the 80s classic movie The Neverending Story, then this Auryn is just the thing for you!

A gift from the Childlike Empress to protect Atreyu on his quest against the Nothing, the Auryn (also Auren or Oren) will guide its bearer in times of trouble, and grants wishes to human children.

[Large Bronze Auryn – Gold and Silver Two Tone Replica (Inspired by The Neverending Story)]