Let Jamf Now set up and maintain your Apple devices at work

The “work station” is an increasingly fuzzy concept in the modern office. Data moves around, and to keep up with it, workers might jump back and forth between their desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone.

That’s convenient for those workers, but a nightmare for bosses and tech support. There are specialized apps to set up, security concerns to address, and the process starts all over again when there are updates to apply.

Into this IT hassle jumps Jamf Now, a service that’s dedicated to streamlining and automating the whole process of Apple device management.

There’s no other company currently offering this kind of service, and certainly not one as focused on Apple’s products. When new employees start, Jamf Now gets them to work quicker by deploying all the apps and wi-fi hookups they need in minutes. It then keeps up with all the updates on those apps, launching them across a range of devices.

Management keeps the reins during this entire process with access controls for all employees and on-the-spot views of the workflow and inventory. There’s extensive security protocols that protect sensitive company data, and any device can be locked or wiped remotely in case of a breach or change in employee status. 

The entire package saves IT a ton of time, and management a lot of headaches. The introductory plan for Jamf Now includes the ability to manage 3 devices for free – definitely worth checking out.


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