Mythological Kraken Of The Sea Hooded Scarf

Behold! It’s a hooded scarf… and a Kraken! It’s the mythological Kraken of the sea hooded scarf from Etsy seller pinkavenger! The tentacled creation might be a little expensive, but you can be sure no one in your neighborhood will have one like yours! And if you know how to crochet, you can get the pattern for cheap here.

The design of this critter came from blending characteristics from both an octopus and giant squid. It has 8 curly tentacles, with the 2 in the front ending in domed clubs. Lining the tentacles are small crocheted suckers, each of which are carefully sewn on individually.The hood is specially shaped to have that peaked top like a squid with crocheted eyes sewn on the sides.

CROCHET PATTERN PDF – Kraken Of The Sea Scoofie
Kraken Of The Sea Scoofie – Mythological Creature Hooded Scarf
Kraken Of The Sea Scoofie – Custom Color

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