Ahsoka: A Star Wars Story [Fan Trailer]

From Tim Gonzales:

Like so many other Star Wars fans out there, I’ve a strong investment in the character of Ahsoka and her story. Her arc that spans across both Clone Wars and Rebels carries so much emotional impact, and it ends in a way that’s satisfyingly and genuinely affecting. But her story isn’t over! I’m looking forward to the 7th season of Clone Wars, and then… the continuing adventures of Ahsoka & Sabine after?

Either way, I rewatched the 2nd season of Rebels over the course of a few weekends recently and had an idea for a trailer. Ahsoka’s narrative through line that supports the bulk of season 2’s story is easily some of the best content from the entire Star Wars saga (imo). As such, I did my best to cut a faux “Star Wars Story” trailer together that culls most of its content from some of Rebels’ Ahsoka-centric episodes: The Future of the Force, Shroud of Darkness, and Twilight of the Apprentice.

Ahsoka and Star Wars fans, I hope you enjoy this! It was 100% a passion project that I endeavored to help tide me over until we legit see Ahsoka in a live-action movie or TV show—on Disney+ maybe? Disney, please. PLEASE.

[Tim Gonzales]

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