The Three Stages of Gaming [Comic]

Fortunately for me, I pretty much always stayed at level 1… what about you guys? :)


12 Responses to The Three Stages of Gaming [Comic]

  1. I was #3 in high school…mostly when Final Fantasy VII came out and my brothers and I pretty much didn't sleep for months. Now I'm more like #1 (never been a #2), but that Skyrim…

  2. Just look at all the WoWers out there who have given up meals, holidays, and relationships so they can get their fix. It's electronic crack.

  3. Video games exploit the brain's reward system. You get a cookie every few clicks, makes you stay attached the thing. I stayed up way past my bed-time last night playing Monster Garage and studying the details of the game.

  4. Also: The game says "Wow! You are great. Congratulations you rock!" and my girlfriend says "I can't believe you wasted all your time playing that stupid game!"

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