The Really Rude Map

There are a lot of place names in the world that are considered rude, explicit, and even downright obscene, especially in a different language. These place names are collected in the Really Rude Map.  You can scan the entire world, or zoom in to bring up more place names. Be warned that your co-workers might consider this NSFW (unless you work at home, alone). It was difficult enough for me to find a section tame enough for a screenshot to post here.

Editor’s note: As a Canadian from the province of Quebec, I love how my corner of the country has literally nothing on the map. Most of Canada is also devoid of rude place names. We’re so nice up here!

A few Quebec city names that should make you smile:

-Mayo village
-L’anse Qui-Pue (The Cove that stinks)
-Lac J’En-Peux-Plus (The “I Can’t Take It Anymore” Lake)
-L’anse à Mouille-Cul (The Cove that Wets your Butt)
-Saint-Louis-du-Ha! Ha!

[via Boing Boing]

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