Know Your Vampire Hunters [Pic]

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    • Since always. It was specifically stated many, many, many times over the show's seven year run.

    • Buffy always had super strength; early in the series the focus was more on agility, and as it progressed her exploits shifted away from the aerobatical, i suspect due to cost issues. Also, she has some innate magical ability, usually manifested in a preternatural mystical awareness, though they rarely touch on that. Finally, Edward wouldn't last fifteen seconds against Buffy, much less fifteen minutes (okay, realistically she'd barely escape the first encounter intact, but she'd just come back a few days later with a rocket launcher, just like the second time she killed Brian Thompson).

  1. Selene is a Lycan Hunter. She's only killed vampires in the act of defense or to prevent them from harming those she cares about. In none of the films or animated specials, did she hunt vampires.

    • Not only that, but Selene is actually no longer susceptible to sunlight, but who's counting? Granted, if you go by just the first movie, then yes, that weakness would be correct. As of the second movie though, she becomes immune to sunlight.

  2. How come Jesus Christ isn't on this list??? Sure he worked with a Lucador, but still he was a vampire hunter.

    • well everything is wrong, any of these "vampire hunters" could kill that guy in 5 mins, (i had to search for him on google, wikipedia, to know what was that movie about hahaha)

  3. This is wrong. Buffy would so kill him in less than a minute. She doesn't need wisdom or magics, she has friends, which is better. Ok, she's not immortal, but she comes back to life. And she would NOT be seduced by Ed Sparkle. Actually, she would slay him as soon as she sees him in the sun. She likes her men evil. He could play in My little poney: friendship is magic. So, really, Buffy rules.

  4. I can only honestly say I disagree with one thing, bloodlust isn't a weakness, it's the greatest joy of violence, there is nothing more cathartic than pure, undiluted, murderous rage.

  5. So Abraham Van Helsing is neither mortal nor imortal?
    Also, where the hell is Angel or Spike on this list? They would destroy Mr. SparkleFangs in 5 minutes flat.

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