Learn All About Python With the Python Programming Bootcamp 2.0

The Python Programming Bootcamp 2.0 is a revamped, beginner-friendly 37+ hours course about one of the world’s top and most used programming languages. For a limited time, get the course for just $19 instead of $1,293.

What’s included:

-Fast Track Python for Newbies
-Learn Python Image Processing by Making Instagram-Style Filters
-Create a Raspberri Pi Smart Security Camera with Python
-Master Data Visualization with Python
-The Complete Python Programming Boot Camp: Beginner to Advanced
-Learn Python with 70+ Exercises
-Python Programming for Beginners: Learn Python in One Day
-Machine Learning with Python
-Python for Finance: Investment Fundamentals & Data Analytics

Python Programming Bootcamp 2.0$1,293 $39 $19

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