Hermione Granger vs Bella Swan [Pic]

Pretty funny little chart!


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  1. Hmmm- I love both Twilight and Harry Potter and this picture was clearly made by a Potter fan and Twilight hater so that's why it makes Bella look bad- but I still kind of think Hermione would win either way.

    • Actually, this was an unbiased comparison between the two characters, literally taking the info given about both of them from their respective books (with the granted exceptions of 'WIN' and 'PWNED')

      However, you have truly shown us how blindly arrogant fans of twilight are with your comment, so I would like to say congratulations, and thank you.

      • wow… sounds like you are implying that just because they think the twilight half of the comparison was biased in favour of harry potter, even though she likes both, and is agreeing with the outcome, she is "blindly arrogant." i do hope this was not intended, because that sounds rather antagonistic and… well… blindly arrogant :)

  2. I read A Winter's Tale before I read Harry Potter, and it never sat well with me that such a cool character got her name from such a depressing play. I'd like to see a list like this of Hermione Granger vs Queen Hermione; it would be a closer race.

  3. I’ve twilight multiple times. I’ve only just finished HP this past year. I love them.both. the author of this article left out several brave thing Bella. And I don’t think the autgor read twilight thoroughly enough because bella is described. So I’m confused by that box. Edward was not her only tool for survival. Maybe read all the books a little more carefully. And not every person deals with grief the same way. And I’d choose Edward over Jacob if you read how he treated her in Eclipse. Forced himself on her. Tried to convince her she was in love with him when she told him she loved as a friend multiple times. Then made her feel like crap for choosing someone else.

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