Dropbox and iCloud Storage Alternatives That are WAY Cheaper!

Sure, Dropbox and iCloud are among the most popular cloud storage solution online, but did you know that there are many other, much cheaper alternatives out there? Here is a roundup of some of these solutions that are available through our store.

ThunderDrive Cloud Storage – 2TB for a lifetime plan – $59

Thunder Drive is a secure and easy-to-use cloud storage service which allows you to create folders, manage files, and share private links from the convenience of your favorite device. Enjoy quick access to significantly faster and larger storage than other providers and use it with any web browser, including the one on your phone. The Thunder Drive service is also hosted in premier Tier IV data center facilities, giving you robust security and reliability.

Zoolz Cloud Backup For Home – 1TB for $19.99 per year or 3 years for $34.99

Think of all the information stored on your computer. Now imagine it all just disappeared — poof — tomorrow. Sounds pretty horrible, right? It’s time to invest in cloud backup to ensure all of the info you hold near and dear is safe. Zoolz is one of the world’s leading cloud storage solutions, residing on the ultra-secure AWS infrastructure, and allowing you to quickly, seamlessly, and automatically backup all of your files. You can schedule when and where that backup goes and ensure you’ll always have access in the event of an accident. Plus, with 1TB of allotted backup space, you’ll be set for life.

Degoo Premium Lifetime Plans – 10 TB for $99.99, 3 TB for $69.99, 2 TB for $59.99 and 1 TB for $49.99

Everyday computer users are juggling huge amounts of data, so it makes sense that you’re taking care of that data responsibly. With Degoo you get 2TB of supremely secured backup space from which to manage and share files with awesome simplicity. With high-speed transfers from a database that offers more backup space than Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive combined, you’ll love how easy it is to keep tabs on all of your valuable data.

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