Fantastic Rule 63 Ganondorf Cosplay [Pics]


A fantastic genderbent Ganondoft cosplay (from the Legend of Zelda) by costumer Ely Renae.

“This is my genderbend Ganondorf cosplay. It’s based off the Twilight Princess version (which is my favorite Zelda game!) I had wanted to make a Legend of Zelda cosplay for a long time, but I was at a loss on how to make something original – everyone cosplays Link and Zelda, and even though I absolutely love those characters, I wanted to create my version of the classic villain! All the armor is handmade by me from Worbla thermoplastics and painted with acrylics. It took about 6 months off and on to create this costume, and it’s definitely my favorite one yet. I hope you guys enjoy it as well!”




Model and costume: Ely Renae
Photo: Emily Smith Photography
Body Paint: Dark Geek Lord

[Via GG]

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