An A.I. That Can Turn Your Picture Into a Classical Style Painting

AI Portraits Ars is a website that uses A.I. technology to create portraits based on over 45,000 photos of 15th century European paintings. Here are two photos of me as processed through the A.I.:

AI Portraits Ars is able to paint portraits in real time at 4k resolution. You will find yourself in front of a mirror and feel thousands Rembrandt, Caravaggio, Titian portraying you moment after moment.

AI Portraits Ars uses Artificial Intelligence to reproduce artistic human portraits, with different styles and levels of abstraction. For our model training, we adopt a data set of tens of thousands of paintings from the Early Renaissance to Contemporary Art. This type of portraiture is quite distinctive of the Western artistic tradition. Training our models on a data set with such strong bias leads us to reflect on the importance of AI fairness.

Please note that you might have to retry a few time since the service is quite busy right now!


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