Here’s What You’ll Face When You Try to Invade Area 51

The mysterious Area 51, inside the Air Force’s Nevada Test and Training Range, has long been rumored to hold evidence of UFOs and the aliens they contained. An internet joke has turned into a Facebook event called Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us, scheduled for September 20. Over a million people have signed up, with another million expressing interest. Can people really make their way into a desert military facility just by showing up in large numbers? It won’t be easy. It’s a two-hour drive from Las Vegas, and the road goes through a restricted nuclear weapons testing area. Then there are the “camo dudes.”

The “camo dudes” are generally known to UFO watchers as a humorless lot that take their job very seriously. They are quite well armed, and in one case in 2016 drew their firearms on a pair of motorcyclists. It has also been alleged for years that Area 51 is ringed with sensors, including seismic intrusion devices designed to detect the rumble of vehicles, and that explains how the camo dudes often respond so quickly to trespassers.


Deadly force is authorized even for a misdemeanor offense. Maybe that’s bit unusual, but then again, this is Area 51 we’re talking about. A smart defendant in federal court could argue that there is no mention of “alien hospitality suites” in the Internal Security Act, forcing the government to drop the charges-or produce the aliens.

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