Ride the AWS Craze With The Ultimate AWS Data Master Class Bundle

Ride the AWS craze to a six-figure salary with 9 courses spanning AWS, DevOPs, Kubernetes and more! Just $39 instead of $1,679 (97% off.)

What’s included in the bundle:

-AWS, Docker Containers, & Cloud Clusters With Mesosphere DC/OS
-AWS MasterClass: Data Warehousing With AWS Redshift
-AWS Identity & Access Management: The Cloud Engineer’s Secure Cloud Handbook
-Kubernetes Masterclass : Deploy Production Docker Containers
-Mastering DevOps With Ansible: Manage Docker Containers
-DevOps with Jenkins: Learn Continuous Integration
-AWS MasterClass: Storage & Content Delivery Network Services
-AWS MasterClass: Monitoring & DevOps with AWS CloudWatch
-AWS MasterClass: DevOps with AWS Command Line Interface (CLI)

The Ultimate AWS Data Master Class Bundle$1,679 $39 (97% off)

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