A First Look at The Cast of The Witcher

In anticipation of San Diego Comic-Con 2019, Netflix revealed the first full look at the lead character posters of The Witcher series.

While we did know that Henry Cavill was cast as Geralt (and the a costume test had been previously leaked), the first official pictures are a bit…erm… well at least they didn’t CGI his hair! We must admit that Cavill has the same brooding look Geralt brings, with less “sexy” too it.

Being fans of the game, we must admit having questions with the casting of the sorceress Yennefer and Princess Ciri, but we are willing to give them a chance since they are newcomers and, sometimes, pictures don’t give the whole story; we might (and hope) be surprised. We are sincerely hoping Netflix will not “Shadow Hunter” the whole project and respect the author’s and game studios’ visions.

Although there is still no release date for The Witcher, aside for sometime in 2019, its tagline was also revealed “The worst monsters are the ones we create”

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Lets hope we will be pleasantly surprised!

[Pictures source: Netflix]

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