Geek, The Next Generation

As some of you know, I have a few geeklings roaming the house, ranging from 8 to 14 years old. All three of them are geeks (Yeah! Did something right!), but I don’t get some of what they are into these days. Too much stuff going on, people fighting but using spinning tops or strange evolving creatures, characters screaming most of the time, dances being ripped off from my younger days and abused anywhere and everywhere… (if I see another kid floss while asking me a question in class, I will completely loose it!)

Man, their stuff is weird!

And then I remember talking with my dad (who is now 66) about my amazing science fiction movies in the 90s and him, ranting about how amazing the Thunderbirds were and how the X-Files are so lame… And how the re-editions of Star Wars episode 4, 5 and 6 were so-so because they used to much CGI… And that’s also when I remember him and my mom worrying about me playing D&D with my buddies in the basement (candles and all! We had so much fun!) or their faces when I was leaving the house for weekends of larping.

Some blame nostalgia, but I believe it’s the Roger Murtaugh law creeping up on you once you have reached a certain age. I can’t stand hearing those high-pitched Pokémon sounds, or the anime screams and not-so-subtle emotions! Maybe it’s just that I’m too old for this stuff!

I try to keep up, but at some point, I feel like telling my kids « Your stuff sucks! »

[Picture: Know Your Meme]

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